Intro’s Up!


And welcome to my corner of the world and my very first blog!

I’ve so much to write about and instead of writing long status’s that i keep getting moaned at for I’m going to give blogging a go! Ahh!

Over time i’m going to tell you about my amazing life transformation with a real fairy tale ending and adventures as i get up to them.

I will explain in great detail how i over came being sexually abused and groomed as a child and pushed down a route no women ever wants to go. I will also explain how my mother played a lead role in my torturous life for 26years! How i grew to over 27 stone and how I’ve lost over 12 and continuing to lose.  How I’ve beaten the odds of self destruction and talk honestly and openly about depression, suicide and P.T.S.D and how i have over come it all. How i found my real life hero and fell in love. How I’ve ended up in sunny Spain (not so sunny right now, its raining!) and of course my big O’. My excess skin removal surgery. There will be a lot of pictures and videos no doubt but i will be sharing my whole operation, recovery and rebuild, I can not wait!

As i said, I’ve just moved to Spain. Everything’s new again. Lots of exploring to do, new people to meet, sights to see, places to go, I need to exercise the tourist within me and take photos of random stuff and say hello to people I’ve never met before and buy stuff that’s going to sit on the shelf and do nothing for the next million years but this rain…! I cant! Its wet! I drove 1400 miles to get away from the wet and being stuck in doors and look at me now…. Trying to write my first blog without it sounding like I’m blabbering on about utter Bo**ocks and sitting indoors because its raining!!! I didn’t need to travel this far, I could of done this in the U.K. Although, i have heard the U.K is being blanketed with the white stuff right now so i really shouldn’t be moaning about my see through stuff. Ha! Stay safe England!

Sooo, Lots of heartbreaking stuff is coming but there is a happy ending… Its a true transformation.

Just wanting to give a quick intro and an insight of whats to come.

I hope i can uplift and inspire and give people who have been through similar experiences some hope again, if not anything then i hope it makes an interesting read.

Adios for now